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Contract Research Organizations

By partnering with Symphony, you attain a competitive advantage over other Contract Research Organizations by increasing enrollment, improving patient retention and enhancing compliance.

By choosing to include innovative Symphony Clinical Research services in your next RFP, you gain insight into operational efficiencies from the very start.  Symphony is adept at working effectively to complement your outsourced vendor management structure. Over the course of a study these services add up to an on-time and on-budget finish.

Whether your study is already underway and faltering, or still in the planning stages, Symphony stands ready to help when:

  • The trial is behind schedule due to low patient enrollment.
  • The trial is being negatively impacted due to high patient 
drop-out rates.
  • The patient population is difficult to reach: patients who are elderly, disabled, have advanced disease state, live far away from the site, or are vacationing and traveling.
  • A complex trial protocol and extended study duration is creating barriers to patient participation because it impacts a patient’s ability to get to work or is too life disruptive.
  • The study requires frequent patient visits at odd hours in the night, on weekends or holidays, creating staffing challenges for your sites.

Symphony Clinical Research can deliver:

  • Improved patient enrollment
  • Increased patient retention
  • Patient comfort, safety, satisfaction and convenience
  • Greater access to the “intent to treat” pool
  • Enhanced site satisfaction and support
  • More productive sites and enhanced geographic reach of sites
  • Better compliance with protocol requirements
  • Completed visits and evaluable lab samples
  • Complete, accurate, timely and compliant documentation
  • Availability of our extensive global network of home-care services
  • Single contract, meaning consolidated monthly invoices
  • Seamless integration into study execution

To see how we have met some of the industry’s most difficult business challenges, select one of the following to find a relevant Case Study in our experience portfolio:


Rescue Study: Accelerated Enrollment

Patient Satisfaction

Expanded Site Geographic Reach

Enhanced Retention

The support has been excellent. The study team has been pleased with the performance of the Symphony folks and the nurses they engage. Thanks for providing such a critical and outstanding service.

— CSO and VP Research and Development, Biopharmaceutical Company

We could not have achieved this goal without Symphony’s help! I know you have worked tirelessly to support the home nursing needs of this study. Despite the challenges thrown at you, I appreciate your can-do attitude. So, congratulations to you! Although we still have a few more patients, this is nevertheless a big milestone for us and this patient community!

— Director, Clinical Operations, Pharmaceutical Company

I must compliment and thank Symphony and your nurses for being very flexible and providing services to subjects during Christmas break when sites were closed. As a result, not a single patient missed any medication injection dose during the holidays!

— Sr. Clinical Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

The patients really love the nurses and the site processes are going very smoothly. Our project management team describes the Symphony team as ‘extremely wonderful.’ Symphony puts patients first like we do, and you’re going the extra mile.

— Sr. Director, Clinical Trial Operations, Biopharmaceutical Company

I told my team that with regard to the Phase III studies, the only thing I mandated was that Symphony be listed as the home-care provider. I have had such a great experience with Symphony, I didn’t even want to accept bids from other vendors.

— Director of Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Company

Regarding the Nurses at home: patients LOVE them and so does the PI.

— Project Director, Pharmaceutical Company

We have a great partnership with Symphony and are thrilled with our arrangement. Our study will be moving into Phase II in August, and we will be significantly increasing the number of visits we take into the home!

— Vice President, Clinical Operations, Biopharmaceutical Company

I just want to thank you very much for acting so quickly yesterday to locate and train a nurse for an unscheduled visit on Friday! I believe we gave you 3 hours’ notice. That’s already not easy to do, but then we asked you to do it on your day off. Another example of how valuable Symphony is to this study and our patients!

— Clinical Trial Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

We received rave reviews. ALL of the patients reported to the sites, they loved their nurses and were extremely happy with Symphony for the home-care services.

— Study Manager, Clinical Operations, Pharmaceutical Company

Thank you so much for your work on this study! Symphony has done a great job and you managed everything wonderfully! The monthly reports were also very helpful.

— Associate Director, Project Management, Biotechnology Company

Be assured, I will remember this experience: should another of my studies require home healthcare support, you’ll be my first call.

— Senior Project Leader, CRO

I have been very impressed with Symphony and how smoothly things have been going, especially considering the complexity of the study and short recruitment window. I am pleased to be working on this project together.

— Pediatric Research Coordinator, Study Site

The patient’s mom was very pleased with the home-care nurse’s way of working with her daughter. Kudos to Symphony for finding the perfect RN for this family!

— Primary Investigator, Study Site

I was very pleased with my experience with the [Symphony] nurse during the Sampling period. My 2-year-old forged quite the friendship with the nurse and would ask for her ‘by name’ on days she wasn’t scheduled to come for a visit.

— Patient/Caregiver, Phase IB study

Not having to go back to the hospital for my frequent infusions made my life so much easier. I am so grateful I just had to give the home-care nurse a hug every time.

— Patient, Phase I study

I was so appreciative of the home health nurse. Particularly, at the hospital during the doctor’s decision to do a Cesarean, the home health nurse was helpful and supportive to my parents who were waiting on the birth of their grandchild. I cannot say enough good things about the [Symphony] nurse.

— Patient, Phase IB study

I just finished my final scheduled visit for your study patient. My [Symphony] Study Manager was very supportive, knowledgeable and professional throughout my time on this case. He was ALWAYS available to answer questions and provide guidance. He was cheerful and friendly; I could hear a ‘smile’ in his voice. I really enjoyed working with Symphony Clinical Research® and I hope our paths cross again.

— Nurse, Homecare Provider in Symphony Global Alliance NetworkSM

We just completed our training with the [Symphony] Study Manager, who did a wonderful job training our team. We are really impressed with the level of detail and organization of Symphony’s processes.

— Nursing Manager, Homecare Provider in Symphony Global Alliance SM