Symphony Clinical Research has integrated clinical trial expertise with in-home nursing care to bring the site visit to patients wherever they live, work, study or play. We work with the investigator site in a complementary plan to make study participation convenient for clinical research study participants.  We plan and execute every detail to support in-home and alternate site clinical services.

Our licensed, trained clinicians, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Phlebotomists and Physicians, routinely deliver the following services:

  • Drug administration (infusion, injection, topical or oral)
  • Collection of blood samples (PK/PD, Safety Labs)
  • Collection of urine and other biological samples
  • Patient training and education for self-administration
  • Clinical assessments and questionnaires
  • Check for changes in concomitant medications
  • Recording vital signs, height and weight
  • Completion of visit documentations
  • Device management (centrifuges, ECG’s, blood pressure monitors, etc.)
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Ancillary Supply provision

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