Changing the pace of clinical trials℠

This is the way Symphony achieves our mission, which is to improve patients’ lives through a shared commitment to accelerating R&D decisions by providing alternative site solutions to the clinical trial model.

We also are guided by these four key values:


We take responsibility for everything we do, from providing consultation on study design to following up on every detail surrounding in-home clinical services. While we have a management approach designed to minimize, identify and resolve issues early in the process, problems occasionally occur. Typically, the Symphony team is the first to uncover any issues; we disclose, document, and take any necessary steps to correct the situation in a timely manner and stop the issue from recurring.


Our processes are built around a continuous improvement model. We identify the root cause of an issue and take action to correct our process to avoid any repetition. Symphony’s strategic risk management approach is designed to allow us not only to mitigate these risks but also to prevent them from occurring at all. This core business value means we can consistently deliver well-executed, on-time trials from design through closeout which are within budget.


The deep experience of Symphony Clinical Research® employees and our strong relationships with our contractors/providers combine to create an innovative “can do” corporate attitude. By being resourceful, we’ve been able to successfully execute many complicated protocols in home. That same approach has allowed us to be responsive in providing creative solutions and last-minute adjustments—just part of what we do to get the results you expect.


As a company, we have been perfecting the art and science of in-home clinical trial services since 2003. The depth and variety of experience among our employees and clinical contractor/providers combine to deliver high quality, proactive and responsive service.