Four Pillars to Achieve Patient Centricity

October 24, 2017

Applied Clinical Trials – October 19, 2017. Meeting patients’ needs was listed as one of the four pillars of patient centricity.  This means trials should measure outcomes that enhance patients’ lives while minimizing the burden on participants and their caregivers.

“Truly patient-centric clinical trials enable sponsors to more directly and methodically align the objectives of a clinical trial to the true needs of patients and can result in more meaningful endpoints, an up-front understanding of operational issues, enhanced patient recruitment and patient retention, and better support for participating sites.”

Symphony Clinical Research is the global leader in providing alternate-site and in-home clinical trial services to study subjects across the globe. By making study participation convenient, our services decrease the burden on study patients and their caregivers.

By ‘changing the place’ of the clinical trial to the patient’s home, office or destination, Symphony has been able to successfully support Sponsors in ‘changing the pace’ of their trial by improving enrollment and retention. The in-home visit has effectively ‘changed the face’ of clinical trials by associating the clinical trial process with a place of comfort and convenience, with caring and compassion delivered by the home-care clinician.

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