Patient-Centered Study Design Begins At Home

December 2, 2016

Design Science – October 2016.  A home visit is essential to creating a patient-centered study; it presents a special opportunity to uncover how a patient or caregiver manages medications, supplies, and everyday device use.  The most common rationale for the home visit is that it provides unique access to a complex real-world environment that can never be fully simulated.  Another reason to visit patients’ homes is that, in all actuality, the home is where an increasing amount of medical care now takes place.  Nevertheless, what makes the home visit most significant is that it reminds us that a patient’s world always is broader than a diagnosis or a device. If we focus only on the disease or device, we can miss its actual place in everyday life — how it fits in with, or grates against, peoples’ activities, interests, obligations, and routines.

At Symphony Clinical Research® we pride ourselves on expertly delivering patient visits in the home and alternate site locations.  Let us show you what patient centricity can really look like.  Contact us today!

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