In-Home Nursing Visits Declared An Effective Solution For Post-Approval Research Challenges

December 2, 2016

Clinical Leader – July 26, 2016.  Pharmaceutical companies are spending more and more money on conducting post-approval research than ever before. Furthermore, post-approval studies are larger than in the past and have become considerably more complex. There are more patients and sites spread across the globe. This increasing complexity also presents added cost and pressure points.  Consequently, reducing cost is a priority.

To address the cost issue, Nayan Nanavati, COO, post-approval research at Bioclinica, believes we need to rethink how we perform post-approval research. Instead of having patients visiting sites and meeting with physicians, home nursing networks can send nurses to visit patients in their homes. In-home nursing visits relieve the burden on doctors, sites, and patients.  This one change can result in costs being reduced by as much as one third.

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